Bairnsdale Airport Training and Aircraft Hire

General Aviation
Pilot Licence and Testing

Recreational Aviation
Pilot Certificate

Mark Noble
Bairnsdale Air Charter
03 5152 4617 or
0429 643 835

Martin Higgins
Riviera Aeronautics
Bairnsdale Airport
0412 617 110

Air Charter
Private and Commercial Licences
Night Ratings
Multi Engine Endorsements
Command and Instrument ratings
CAT B Simulator

Aircraft Hire and Fly

Full Recreational Pilot Certificate
Curriculum & Assessment

Aircraft Hire and Fly



General Aviation
Helicopter Pilot License

These flying schools are privately run, and have
no formal association with EGAC

Terry Morgan
Gippsland Helicopters
0407 447 115 or 
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Air Charter
Private and Commercial Licences
Sling endorsements
Aerial surveys
Underslung loads