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Good morning EGAC members and Committee

Yesterday (Thursday 11/2/21 ) Jason Connelly phoned me from the Shire to say that over the next few months the Shire will be sealing the taxiways including I think, the area outside the south west of the Clubhouse.

Jason is giving us a very welcome heads up as there are no specific dates yet and the work may be fitting in with other Shire activities and only a couple of days notice . The sealing will take about three days for each area. AND IT WILL PREVENT ANY AIRCRAFT MOVEMENTS AND IF YOU REQUIRE YOUR AIRCRAFT IT WILL HAVE TO BE LOCATED SOMEWHERE ELSE ON THE AERODROME.

We can expect a couple of days warning. Keep a watch on further messages from this email address. I will title the subject as "EGAC Taxiway sealing".

This is wonderful news and we thank the Shire for this major improvement to YBNS.

No more nicks in the props with either expensive replacement of filing and smoothing with loss of airspeed and the fear of prop failure with engine loss and fatalities.

Thanks to Jason and his team for keeping this issue alive in the Shire.

David Packham
President EGAC
0407 98 2505
0409 98 2205 (Helen)

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